War OF Domestic Terror: The Civilian Targeting Program

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“With so many jews involved with methods of deep psychological torment directed at me for so many years, it is impossible that these methods are not culturally jewish, known by all jews above a certain age….

This culturally jewish method of profiling and stalking someone to ruin would have existed before technology made it easy, perhaps explaining why jews have been exiled from so many lands.

The benefits to shadow governments are endless; spy operations, police stings, drug dealing, money laundering drops and black operation terror events where an asset or target are surrounded by nothing but layers of backup in a pre-scripted crowd simulation….

What gave away the core of this mob stalking method as culturally jewish was that Israelis always positioned themselves in the lead to appear as a victim, with their terrain cues consistently ordinary, per Mossad and Shin Bet’s mottos of deception and concealment as a strategy.

The culturally jewish methods of deception and concealment are mafia tactics, as evidenced by the similarity in criminal activities between the American jewish mafia and the Israeli mafia; the embedded Nation of Israel and Israel proper.”

Canadian Targeted Individual, Stephen O’Keefe, In: “Deceive and Hide-Jewish Mob Stalking Culture” (from: ‘Mafia States’ Targeting Innocent Civilians; 1) “Deceive and Hide- Jewish Mob Stalking Culture”; 2) “TI” As Lone-Wolf Terrorists;” Op Catalyst youtubes and text)

“I’ve been out here for a year and a half trying to bring attention to drone warfare, electronic warfare, electronic ASSAULT. Because we have two sets of programs, bare minimum. One of them is we are protecting everyone with our tanks and planes. The other one is a civilian targeting program.

Sabrina Wallace, computer network engineer and DARPA black projects survivor
From: Sabrina/Psinergy: Headed back into lockdown August 20, 2023, #76 in: 78 Sabrina Wallace videos On Electronic & Net-Centric Warfare, Biomedical Engineering, Wireless Body Area Network, Regenerative Medicine, Human Harvesting, Transhumanism, Gangstalking

“The US Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) War On (OF) Terrorism is the secret ‘war against the individual,’ aka counterterrorism, organized stalking-electronic harassment (OS-EH), Targeted Individual (TI) program, cybertorture, authoritarian political warfare, state-sponsored domestic terrorism, contract stalking, open-air Gitmo, CIA no-touch torture/murder, total information control, and covert transhumanism to bio-robot (cyborg) enslavement through trauma-based mind control, torture and (Satanic) ritual abuse. It is also Cognitive Warfare (CW), a new sixth warfare domain deployed synergistically with the other five warfare domains of land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace; and hence comprises “multi-domain warfare.” “The program” is the modern incarnation of top-secret CIA MKULTRA/MHCHAOS/PHOENIX, FBI COINTELPRO, and DoD MONARCH black, mind control-torture programs dating from the 1950s. A centerpiece of US domestic and foreign policy, this “new form of combat” uses psychological and electronic (psychotronic) warfare “to destroy enemies from the inside out.” Using “national security” and the Global War on Terrorism as pretexts, covert CW/organized stalking-electronic torture ops are a central component of hybrid warfare, 5th generation warfare, full-spectrum dominance, and information operations.

Citizen targets (“TIs” or “targeted individuals”) are secretly watchlisted/blacklisted as “enemies” or “terrorists” through the FBI-DHS Fusion Center system and electronically tracked, hacked, and attacked continuously by the NSA Global Spy Network’s Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command). FBI sources admit that over 97% of individuals on the Terrorist Screening Data Base (TSDB) have no links to terrorism whatsoever. Thus, in contravention of the Nuremberg Code, these individuals are being utilized as involuntary test subjects for development of CW weapons systems, no-touch torture techniques, and bio-engineering technologies.

According to “neuroweaponologist” and DARPA-EU consultant, Dr. James Giordano, a “whole of nation” approach is required to wage this “Manhattan Project For Counterterrorism” via neural warfare. “Perpetrators” include coordinated networks of irregular, regular and special forces; police, military-intelligence counterterrorism specialists, military psychological operations groups (POGs), surveillance role players, (Jewish) sayanim, military and civilian cyberstalkers, ex-police and ex-military private subcontractors, citizen spies, police/FBI informants, Neighborhood Watch vigilantes, citizen-based-agents, (“goons on the ground”), etc. These groups comprise a secret army and secret death squads comprised of of thugs, cowards, and bullies.

This “new form of warfare,” involves: a) covert trafficking, targeting, 24/7 active surveillance (including breaking and entering homes, cars, etc.), electronic tracking and hacking, and ritual abuse, torture, and murder of innocent citizens, b) weaponization of neuroscience and technology (NeuroS/T), c) covert targeting of individuals’ and populations’ brains worldwide, continuously, and ceaselessly, d) weaponization of anyone, everyone, and society itself, e) a secret War OF Terrorism via psycho-political/psychotronic warfare, and f) exotic weapons-testing, mind control, no-touch torture/murder, and bio-engineering experimentation on nonconsensual human test subjects.

Gangstalking “perps” (perpetrators) operating within “the Interagency” notably include CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, DoD, NATO, USSOCOM, financial and political leadership, intelligence and security agencies and their private sector cutouts, government agencies, law enforcement, the super-rich, and cooperating corporate, academic (especially neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and psychologists), medical, mafia, community-oriented policing (COPs), public-private partnerships (PPPs), and vigilante civilian groups. The “Interagency” is evidently controlled by Deep State racketeers (aka “the Enterprise,” “Brotherhood,” “Organization,” “Company,” “Agency,” and “International Zionist Criminal Syndicate”) which is the primary perpetrator of human-child-sex-slave-organ-drugs-arms trafficking worldwide. Evidence indicates that the “TI program” is deeply satanic, “perps” belong to interlocking destructive cults, and the master cult is the “Synagogue of Satan.”

The Executive Branch, Congress, Judiciary and the American taxpayers are complicit in these crimes, including human trafficking, torture, murder, attempted murder, and treason. There is no statute of limitations for these capital crimes (treason, murder, attempted murder, torture), war crimes, and crimes against humanity.”

Professor Eric T. Karlstrom, Ph.D.

“I dared to challenge them and they sent an army after me…. The “New World Order boys,” I call them the “Junior High Boys.” They recruit them out of Special Forces (aka USSOCOM- US Special Operations Command).”

Ted Gunderson, Whistleblower, TI, & ex-high ranking FBI Section Chief, In: Former FBI Section Chief and TI, Ted Gunderson: ‘Targeted Individual Program’ Is ‘Satanic (Illuminati*), Illegal, US Government Rogue, Criminal Enterprise” (lecture video w/ my notes)

See: Scientology, the CIA, and MIVILUDES: Destructive Cults of Abuse and Terror That Traffic and Ritually Abuse, Torture, & Murder Citizens; Video

See: Behind NATO’s ‘cognitive warfare’: ‘Battle for your brain’ waged by Western militaries (by Ben Norton, October 8, 2021)

Cognitive Warfare June-November, 2020 Francois du Cluzel

NATO’s Cognitive Warfare: An Attack on Truth And Thought by Alonso Bernal, et. al., 2020 and video

Part XIII.  Excommunicated From Crestone/Baca, CO (NWO “Potemkin Village” For MKULTRA Cults)! Covert CIA-DoD Mind Control Ops, Nonconsensual Human Experimentation, Globalist Spies, & Psychotronic/Cognitive Warfare

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

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I. What is Organized Stalking-Electronic Harrassment/The Targeted Individual Program?

It is the “Dirty War” and “Cognitive Warfare” waged against “Targeted Individuals” (TIs) by the “National Security Racketeering Network” aka “Murder Inc.” (Department of Defense (DOD), NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, NATO, JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command); their foreign and corporate sponsors and private sector cutouts; law enforcement and Department of Justice; organized crime; cadres of civilian-military “death squads” comprised of computer network operators (cyberstalkers), spies, surveillance role players, gangstalking perps; and the corrupt scientific-academic-medical establishment):

This totalitarian New World Order military-intelligence police state system is an expanding, for-profit human trafficking business that uses undercover civilian-military “death squads” to wage continuous, covert, psychotronic (psychological & electronic), neuro, political, and information (i.e., hybrid) warfare against innocent, TARGETED civilians under the pretexts of national security, human research, weapons testing, “counterterrorism,” and cognitive warfare.

Among many, many terms for “the program” are my own attempts to formulate accurate, descriptive acryonyms, including:

1) GEEEETTTTMO: (i.e., Open-Air Guantanamo; for “Gangstalking-Electronic Experimentation, Enslavement, Execution, Targeting, Terrorism, Transhumanism & Torture-Murder Operations” and

2) G6: for “Global Government Gangstalking Genocide GESTAPO-Gulag”

(From: 1) Scope, Structure, & Purpose of Gangstalking-Electronic Experimentation, Enslavement, Execution, Targeting, Terrorism, Transhumanism & Torture-Murder Operations (GEEEETTTTMO); 2) Psychological Profile of Perps (Weaponized People) & Destructive Cults, 3) Protocols Now Implemented and

Cutting Through “Smokescreen Terminology:” 270 Names & Descriptions Reveal Truth Of Gangstalking War Crimes/Crimes Against Humanity

Definition: Organized stalking-electronic harassment (ganstalking/covert harassment/organized harassment) is a systematic form of harassment and control done by a group of people in an organized fashion using unethical means to harass and control somebody to have devastating effects in that person’s life.

Purpose of Attacks: To render the targeted individual (TI) homeless, destitute, unemployed, discredited, institutionalized, incarcerated, to incite the TI to commit suicide, to use the TI in a behavior modification study, or to kill the TI in a way that cannot be traced to the perpetrators, for example, through continual provocations, “set-ups”, entrapments, radiation torture, and/or mind control/influencing technologies.

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d) PATENTS ON Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), Neuroweapons, Artificial Telepathy, Behavior Modification, Nervous System Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Mental Monitoring, Electronic Surveillance, Implants & Nanotech, Subliminal Messaging, Remote Controlling Humans, Humans as “Hackable Animals,” & Microsoft’s “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity” From 8 Posts On This Website

e) References On Gang Stalking, Mind Control and Cults

f) The Protocols, Synagogue of Satan, and Biblical-Spiritual Roots of Gangstalking; April 29, 2022 Video

Breaking Expert TI Quote in email message to Webmaster (Dec. 27, 2022):

“I’ve determined that, among other things, the targeting program facilitates torturous public executions for the benefit & entertainment of the freemason satanists who run the sick system.” – Mark M. Rich, author and TI

II. Graphics That Help Introduce “The TI Program”: