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Send by core employee that left the Crimson Circle, CCEC. The questions have never been answered

This Due Diligence Duty report attached below was send to Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe (the board of the CCEC) by the former Chief Operating Officer at the CCEC.

The report has never been answered and the shareholders in the Crimson Circle CCEC has illegally never been informed of such a report.

The questionings and information in this report also connects to why people out of ethical reasoning started leaving the Crimson circle CCEC.

This due diligence report is intended to establish the truth. This report will provide clarity, ask questions, request documentation in an effort to analyze the facts and provide a final report and conclusion.

After reviewing the findings established here with the proper advisers, a comprehensive closing report shall be provided explaining my conclusion and next step. It will be Managements responsibility to disclose the report findings to the Shareholders.


It is the intention of this report to be fair and without bias. At no time should any question or request be disregarded or screened.


It is the duty of this report to gather facts to determine one of the following:

a) Is it better to dissolve the company?
It is the duty of this report to determine: a) Were the Founder’s Shares issued non-compliant? b) Is there evidence that would suggest otherwise?
It is the duty of this report to:
a) Ask questions and request documents
b) Ask questions to analyze the go-forward strategy
c) Ask questions to analyze Management’s competence and ability to implement the go-forward strategy.
d) Understand corporate deficiencies
f) Gather facts to determine if there are other laws, regulations, or compliancy issues that will jeopardize the go-forward strategy.
g) Gather facts to determine areas of potential lawsuits against the company.

As a practical matter, there are questions in this report that feel distasteful and unfortunate but they must be asked in order to establish some understanding of the corporate culture and to determine if reasonable business practices have been adopted by the company. Asking these difficult questions and analyzing Management’s responses will help to establish if the go-forward strategy can be achieved.

In previous emails, it was noted that there were concerns about “personal liability”. However for purposes of uncovering the past, present and future corporate feasibility of CCEC, concerns of personal liability will not be part of this report’s agenda. If personal liability exists, it should be examined in a separate forum.

It is this report’s intention to ensure that facts are not tainted or biased in any way.

The success of this report depends on how well Management can accurately provide the required information.


It would be remiss of me if I did not say I experienced and witnessed events that were not in accordance with acceptable business practices and this may cause justifiable suspicions towards anything related to Geoffrey Hoppe and the statements/claims he may make.

I believed that Crimson Circle Energy Company must operate with standards far above generally acceptable corporate governance rules, regulations and laws. I believed that the organization had to exercise tremendous prudence and be more than just “squeaky clean” when it came to matters of legal compliance, HR Policy, IRS rules and regulations, SEC compliance, Contract Employee rules and regulations, fiscal transparency and responsibility, GAAP accounting rules and regulations, copyright and trademark compliance, immigration law compliance etc.

Essentially I have always felt that not only should the company be aware of the general rules and regulations that govern corporations, but that the CCEC should take extra measures to ensure they are legitimate and above reproach in all matters of corporate governance.

I believed it was important that the Company represent high ideals to be emulated by other like-minded corporations. CCEC needed to set the standard and to that mission, must be above suspicion and not bend or manipulate interpretations of any laws. It was extremely important that the company take great strides to function within corporate governance and not enter into questionable “gray areas” especially knowing there would be an SEC review.

CCEC has a particular responsibility far greater than a typical corporation. Most investors bought shares because they believed in the alleged angelic messages and they believed in the CEO, Geoffrey Hoppe. Geoffrey Hoppe had a dual role:

Geoffrey Hoppe is a person they believe channels angelic voices imparting a spiritual message to them and he is also CEO, President and Chairman of CCEC, the Company. Not only does Geoffrey Hoppe have fiduciary responsibility, but in many ways he also has extraordinary implied moral and ethical responsibilities that go far beyond the typical company.

Geoffrey Hoppe is more than a principal; he is the most vital ingredient in the formation and continuation of the company. Geoffrey Hoppe, the CEO of CCEC and leader to the Shaumbra followers is the heart and soul of the Company. He set the company blueprint and made it clear that he would be the final verdict on all decisions the company made.

On several occasions he proclaimed during our disagreements that this was “his company.” If he wanted you to paint the walls blue one day, and then the next day he decided you should paint the walls green, then you should essentially do as he claimed, regardless of any inconsistencies and without question. Geoffrey Hoppe is unequivocally the Company’s leader, decision maker, spokesperson and spiritual leader.

When I realized that the Company would be run as a virtual dictatorship, my dissatisfaction and frustrations escalated. When an organization takes other peoples money in a private offering, the world changes. The Company could not be run like a Mom & Pop any longer. This was a difficult transition and I am not sure if the Company ever achieved a sustainable corporate mentality and framework.

It is appropriate to say, Geoffrey Hoppe and I are not friends and we did not part ways with respect and admiration. It will be the aim of this report, however, to keep my personal disappointments on the back burner and by calling it out here; I am putting the disappointments on notice.

Perhaps we all made a huge mistake in expecting Geoffrey Hoppe to hold these dual roles. One of the roles is enough to occupy a lifetime for any common man. In that Geoffrey Hoppe tried to handle both roles, I have grown to understand the complexity and difficulty this must have brought him.


The Crimson Circle Energy Company Shareholders are truly the most valued participants and to that end, the Company has extraordinary responsibility to maintain honest and clear lines of communication, to not fudge or alter the facts, to operate the company above reproach and to steer the company responsibly, ethically, morally and legally. These are the most integral ingredients of a successful company.

Geoffrey Hoppe has attracted shareholders and followers that invested from their hearts more than their pocketbooks. It will be very hard to believe or even fathom that their leader acted in ways that jeopardized their investment, violates their trust and causes them to question their belief in what they coined a New Energy message delivered from the voices of Tobias and the Crimson Council, brought to them by Geoffrey Hoppe.

The investors believe in the message and therefore they believe their messenger and leader, Geoffrey Hoppe is above reproach.

In many instances, I was reluctant to bring potentially damaging facts forward. But for the most part, I did it any way. I had to confront Geoffrey Hoppe on ethical and legal violations several times and our interchanges were not pleasant. I am still somewhat reluctant to provide this report, recalling the repercussions in the past.

In the face of Geoffrey Hoppe’s intimidation, threats, insults and duress, both Deborah, (the former business manager) and I maintained our position and were willing to take the brunt of the attacks. My DNA was not hard-wired to compromise its intrinsic integrity or belief in the fundamental achievement potential of the corporate vision and the creation of a gentler and appropriate corporate culture. I believed in a higher standard of conduct when developing a vision of this magnitude. I still maintain the same hard-wire instincts, although I am not so wide-eyed ridiculous about the realities of the human masquerade party. I learned great lessons. Thank you.

What will happen to the Company if certain facts are brought forward that egregiously point directly to the CEO? In the past, I have witnessed an undermining campaign and an attempt to spin the facts and dismiss the concerns. Will this happen again? Will the CEO take responsibility or will the finger pointing and blaming of others be the coping mechanism?

Could this company approach former employees and ask them for a reference? Would the former employees give CCEC a glowing reference?

If not what does this say about the company?

Why would these former employees not hold the company in high regard?

Is it appropriate for management to have blamed these employees for the corporation’s problems? Do all roads lead to the CEO?

I certainly hope things have changed. Perhaps the current management can use this report as a guidepost as they develop the go-forward initiatives.

Ultimately, I have come to realize that expecting Geoffrey Hoppe to maintain dual roles as CEO and Corporate Ambassador may have been a far-reaching expectation. I do believe now, he did the best he could and for that reason alone, I may have etched out a bit of appreciation and gratitude for the experiences at CCEC. And ultimately, I take 100% responsibility for the realities I created. I say thank you to all of them.

Perhaps if Geoffrey Hoppe could answer these questions without defensiveness or anger, and really examine this crossroad of opportunity from a non-personal perspective, there could be a real possibility that the Hoppe’s could really build something meaningful for generations to come.


Please provide the following:

1. Copies of the corporate minutes from inception to now
-A copy of the audio recording taken during the last board meeting in July 2007

2. Please have legal counsel comment on the legal feasibility of taping a Board of Directors meeting.

3. Go-forward Business Plan, including budgets and fiscal projections for the next 3-5 years
– Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Cash Flow with Financial Notes

4. Financial Statements from the audited period to December 2007.
– Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Cash Flow

5. Final Audited Financial Statements. A draft was provided with promise that the final audit would follow.

6. Assessment of Management or Opinion of Management letter (The auditor could use another name, but typically the auditor provides a letter regarding management’s competence). Please make this available since it was missing in the draft copies.

7. Geoffrey Hoppe mentioned in one of his emails that the Founders would have tax implications. Where does this information come from? Please provide the source and the qualifications behind this assessment.

8. Are the Hoppe’s still contract employees? If so, why?

9. Are proper Copyrights and Trademarks in place? If not, why not?

10. If the company were to go-forward please provide a plan for the strategy behind the copyrights and trademarks.

11. Who will own the copyrights/trademarks? Will there be a royalty payment, if so how much?

12. Who will pay attorney fees and related costs surrounding the copyrights?

13. Has the company properly informed the Shareholders that Geoffrey Hoppe misinformed them regarding the status of the Copyrights and Trademarks? If so, when was this done? If not, why was it not done?

14. What agreement will be put in place to protect the Company regarding the usage, distribution and any material circumstances that could impact the Company (earnings in particular) in conjunction with the rights provided to them by the copyrights and trademarks?

15. Shouldn’t shareholders be presented with the appropriate copyright/trademark agreement and strategy prior to any votes?

16. Shouldn’t the Shareholders be given the go-forward business plan and financial’s before they are asked to vote on anything?

17. What benefits will the Shareholders have, besides share ownership, if the company cannot move into the IPO stage?


Would you like these people handling your money and your spiritual growth ?

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