May 31, 2007 Alan Watt      Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)

” ‘Roll Up, Roll Up! Tune in to the Body Part Game-Show Macabre’ and     ‘Chemical Evolution to “Perfect” Women (The End of a Period in Time)’ “


Movie Predictive Programming – Evolution of Sports into Blood-Sports – “Running Man” – “Rollerball” – Three-Tiered World run by World Corporation, Gradual Indoctrination – Plastic Culture can be Changed for the Times You Live In, New Bloodless “Revolutions” – Cultural and Information Wars – War on Poverty and Drugs, The Internet – Dominated by Those Making War on Your Mind, Process of De-Humanization, Sport as National Pastime Addiction – ARENA = AARON, Gruesome Fests of Fascination, Monty Python movie “Meaning of Life” – Replacing Old Religions with Science – Opposition=Condemnation – Old Gods and New Gods, Ordering Kidneys for Transplant – Donors are Paid Paltry Sum – Deliveries to Wealthy Recipients – Exploitation of the Poor, Neutralizing Compassion with Injustice, De-Humanization through Comedy and Game-Shows, — Daily Mail (Britain) article – May 31, 2007 – “Fury at kidney-swop TV” by Allan Hall ( World News) — Organ Donation – Kidney Transplant Game-Show Contest – Contestants vie for a Kidney – Reality TV – BNN TV – “Who Gets Her Organs?” – Attempts to Block Showing – Daily Mail Tabloid format – Hollywood Drama and Sex – Fantasia, Minds of Psychopaths at the Top – Lack of Identity with Normal Human Emotions – A World of Efficiency, Futuristic Books – We are the Subject – Training Not to Participate in Creation of Our Reality and Destiny, Think-tanks – Pyramid Structure, View of Sacredness of Life – Descent into Inhumanity, Destruction of Bonding in Relationships – Promiscuity – Massive Pregnancies by Single Women – Abortion Body Parts, Butchery in Name of Progress, Depopulation Program – Earth Charter – Animal Rights, Public Love of Socialism – World Run by Experts (Your Betters), Radio Talk Shows – Controversial Topics – Hegelian Dialectic – Taking Sides – Acceptance of Bizarre, “Conspiracy” vs. “Open Conspiracy” – Published Global Agenda, Hormonal Changes, — BBC News – May 23, 2007 – “US Approves Pill to Stop (Monthly) Periods” — Librel drug – play on Libra and Life or Freedom – Halting Monthly Menstrual Cycle – Birth-Control Hormones – Pregnancy – Planned Parenthood Federation (Started by a Eugenicist) – Creation of Hormonal Environment Not Found in Nature – Slogans – Contraception and “Choice” – Perfecting that which was left Imperfect, — Independent Media Centre (IMC), Winnipeg – May 24, 2007 -“North American Union Plan Headed to Congress in Fall” (from World Net Daily) — Integration of US-Mexico-Canada into Economic and Security Bloc – “Centre for Strategic and International Studies” (CSIS acronym) – North American Free Trade Agreement – European Union – Border Infrastructure – Secret Round-Table Sessions – CFR – Royal Institute for International Affairs – “North American Future 2025 Project” – Free Flow of People across National Borders – Competition to the Bottom – “Market Forces” – SPP – Security and Prosperity Partnership (Who Prospers?) – Immigration and Amnesty Protests – Planned Society – Common Market – Karl Marx – Life in the Script, Bulk of Population are Perpetual Children – They Want to Play – Acquiescence of General Public – Police Blitzes, — Alan: “We Must Give Power to the Beast in Order to be Devoured by the Beast, in All Ages” — Fear of Changes – Saving the People – Collective Training – Tyranny – Psychopaths Decide Direction of Public, SILENCE IS LEGAL CONSENT, Right and Wrong – Sentience – Communication of the Facts – Questions of What Comes After this Life?, Seeking Truth – Giving Up All to Find It – Taking Risks – Alienation and Isolation – Opening Pandora’s Box (No Guarantees) – Stages of Waking Up – Strength in Knowing – Everyone is Making Choices – Breaking through Barriers, Sham of Democracy – Pre-Selected Politicians – Long-Term Big Business Plans,
(Song: “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel)
*Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – May 31, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)




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