Remember Geoffrey Hoppe has his background in puplic relations from a job at NASA.



June 28, 2007 Alan Watt      Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)


“Russellian Regime for Regulating the Rabble – Transformation from Innocence to Alternate Reality”

(Books: “Impact of Science on Society” and “The Scientific Outlook” by Bertrand Russell)
Living through a Business Plan containing the Present and Future. Cold Wars, Hot Wars, Psychological Wars and Revolutions. People emulate what they see, from fashion, neologisms and television, etc.. The minority of those who see beyond the exoteric – Those who have Wisdom. Real and Virtual Worlds. Noble orders of higher knighthood. Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs. Brain-chipping – Sending messages to Central Computers – Promotion to Youth – Cyborg Superheroes. Coronati Lodge – Vedas – Chaturvedi. Quote: “Many people would sooner die than think.” Training of generations what to think – Mass Psychology – Modern Methods of Propaganda. Behaviour of Elite. Tax is a Tax on Labor – Taxing the Mind and Body – Fiction of Money. Artificial System of Humanity. — Bertrand Russell books: “Impact of Science on Society” and “The Scientific Outlook” —
(Song: “Hurricane Eye” by Paul Simon).
*Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – June 28, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


Alan Watt on “Truth Hertz Radio” with Charles Giuliani Alan stands in for Charles Giuliani click here

Great Industrial Revolution of Great British Empire – 16 Hour Workdays – Workers’ Strikes, Troops turned on workers. Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” – People bred for a task, living in drugged haze – Purpose-made working class. Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority. Mafia-Government – Giuseppe Mazzini (Mason), Italy – Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. World of Extortion: Money demanded by force – Threats (Coercion). “Star Wars” faceless troopers – Mercenaries – Merchants – God of Mercury. DIS-Information and Demonization of “Enemy”. Standardized Culture Creation – Hollywood – Movies, Music, Fashion. Far-left-wing CIA-run movements. “Herd Management” during outbreaks, crisis – Hired psychopaths run your country. GLO-BAL: Glow of Baal god – Sacrifice. NGO’s – Soviet Structure – Lenin – Dictatorship of (over) Proletariat. Level One Matrix – Panic when waking up – Induced beliefs. Alternate Media Minefield – Professional Authors. Arenas, Teams, Sports – Forms of warfare. Revelations, not prophecy, but a revealing (business plan) – Esoteric meanings – Mark of the Beast – ID plate, card. Talmud interpretation – Kabbalah – Nordic mythology – Yggdrasil – Sion-Zion-Scion-Grafting onto Tree of Life. Tower of Babel – New Tower, System, Language. “Let the dead bury the dead” explained. Predictive Programming – Possibility Thinking – Gradual Acceptance. Socialism=perpetual childhood – Collective control. Arnold Toynbee. IDEAS, SYNCHRONICITY, THOUGHT COMMUNICATION, FORMS explained. Ego-syntonic training – Avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.

Middle Ages – Collective Society – Commoners – Sunday Church Education and Morality Plays – High Taxation – Unorganized Spontaneous Revolts. 1700’s – Industrial Revolution – Movement into Cities, Cheap Labor – Beginnings of Individualism – Responsibility of Personal Choice. Tubes to Transistors to Nanotechnology and Brain-Chip – Interfacing with Computers – Cartoon Chipped Superheroes – BORG. Gene of Red Berry (Roddenberry) – Predictive Programming. Elite “Utopia” – No-one born unless they serve a function – No “useless eaters”. White-Coated Priesthood (Doctors) – Bacterial Babble – “Lancet” inoculation studies. Bertrand Russell and C. G. Darwin – Animal Husbandry (Breeding) – Lobotomy of general public – MMR vaccine – Autism, ADD, Learning disorders. Orwellian Double-think – Passing problems on to next generation – Last Sentient generation who can speak out. Active ID Card – Cell-phone surveillance technology – Steps toward Brain-Chip – Regional supercomputers for programming people. Intergenerational planning – Secret Societies – Stone-Mason Cathedral building projects. Depressions followed by costly wars – Magic Act of Money. Good U.N. Citizens = Producer-Consumers. Population growth and decline – Falling birth rates – Authorized immigration policies. 911 – “Historical Necessity”, “A Must-Be” – Ukraine Famine (Starvation). Arthur C. Clarke’s “2001” – Overcoming HAL, Demiurgos, SUN. Zoroaster – Holy Fire lit by priest (for small fee) – Aztecs – Magic – Paying for Sunrise. RIIA – CFR – Round Table – Rhodes Scholarship. H.G. Wells “Open Conspiracy” – Nothing is Hidden – Legally, Agenda is Published. Cold War – Enemy Creation – Uniting Europe – Mix of Communism and Capitalism. Pop (Father) – Rock (Ashlar) – Rap (Gavel) – Heavy Metal… Groups to join for EVERY Personality Type – YOU are your own champion – Educating yourself. Double-Agent Spies in U.K. – MI5, MI6 – Peter Wright book: “Spycatcher”. Tribal Emblems, Uniforms – “Doing Your Duty” – Manipulation of Young to fight and kill – Mercenaries – Women in Military. Robotic World – Emulation of Ants, Insects – “Creatures of Instinct”. Preparation of the Mind for times to come – Finding Companionship with Others – Too Few Sentient Thinkers. National Emergency Preparedness Network – Natural, Man-made Disasters – Simulations – NATO countries. Levels of Matrix – Breaking Free. The Conclusion is up to YOU. – Finding Purpose and Direction. Battle of Collective against Individual. Pointing the finger at Psychopaths at the top, and their Lackeys.
The Matrix we live in – Nothing happens by chance in this system. AUTHORized Authors – Re-inforcing Myths. Money is Root of System – Winners and Losers in Inhumane world. Sumer, Hurrians – Gold, Silver – Coin – Debt Racket, Bankruptcy. Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada, Sparta. Family Planning=Abortion, Global Planning=Genocide. Psychopathy – Psychopathic Recruits for Military – Holy Loch, Scotland Military Base – Nuclear Weaponry. Freud, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis – Terms: Infantile, Neurotic, etc. – Conformity to Personality Type. Kinsey Report – Promiscuity, Perversion – Destruction of Tradition and Family Unit. Departments of Culture (Government) – Grants for Artists – Nihilism – Mind Control through rapid change – Pentagon – Generation X (written off). Moloch the Owl: Sees in Dark (Profane). “Matrix” Movies – Computerized systems, Programmed events – Being on chessboard as pawn. Pandora’s Box, cannot be shut once opened – You are never the same – Must then Act. “Anti-Government” crimes – Property confiscation for “Dissenters” – Now in U.S. – Gorbachev’s speech to Politburo. Buddhism – Hinduism, Brahma, Primordial Slime – Theory of Evolution – “The Coming” – Freemasonic religion. Battle for Individual Self – Sacredness of Life – Caring about Others. Hitler’s speeches, Natziism (National Socialism) – Hypnotism by Emotion, Hysteria. HOLLYWOOD=HOLY WOOD=Wizard’s Staff – Holly: Ever-Green Wood – Mickey Mouse’ Magic Wand. Real Estate, Market – Business manipulation – Price-gouging. Agenda 21 (21st Century) – Habitat Areas – No Private Property. Media: Essential arm of government – 8 Repetitions for public to remember. Television: 60 Hz cycle and flicker, hypnotic, destroys communication – Late-night news when tired, censor part of brain is down, goes into subconscious. Luther, Calvin, Kantian philosophy – Perception – Marshall McLuhan – Mass-man or Individuality? – The Enlightenment – “Dare to Know” – Conscience as relation to your deity.
(BOOK: “The Next Million Years” by Charles Galton Darwin.)


April 29, 2007 PART 2
Alan Watt on Red Ice Radio
with Henrik Palmgren of Sweden

“Episode: Moon Landing, UFO’s and Fake Alien Threat”
Red Ice Creations Radio Write-Up: We continue our talk with Alan Watt and begin to talk about the possibility that the 1969 NASA Moon landings actually was done in a studio and what we have been about the moon landings is a lie. Topics Discussed: Moon gravity discrepancies, “How NASA Mooned America”, The Moon Car measurements don’t add up. The history of NASA – part of the military. The Words NASA, NAZI, NSA. Cape Canaveral “Cain-Veral/Virile”. The Rocket, the Obelisk and The Ben Ben Stone, The Big Ben. “Rockefeller”, Rock-Et = End Times for the Christians and Extra Terrestrial for the New Agers. Arthur C Clark – High Mason, 2001 and the start of the New World Order. The Van Allan Belt. Ronald Reagan and the Alien threat, the UFO filed in general, abductions, thought/mind control by Remote Control, Uri Geller, 2010, China and Russia Eyeing the moon, the reasons for the space program. Project Bluebeam, HAARP used to create a hologram.



April 13, 2007 Alan Watt      Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)
“Pathocrats’ Conspiracy AGENDA for Upcoming Generation” (from Ministry of Defence)”
© Alan Watt April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th Unlucky for Some – Jaques DeMolay (Grand Master Knights Templar – “Put to Death”) – Jake the Mole (Underworld), Reading from “The Guardian” April 9, 2007 – British Ministry of Defence (“Revolution, Flash Mobs and Brain Chips – A Grim Vision of the Future”), Think Tanks – Psychopathic World Elite – PSYCHOPATHY – Knighting Ceremonies, Aldous Huxley – Fall of Rome, Creation of Secret Societies, “Profane” – Those in the Darkness – Have Swallowed Reality as Presented, High Occult Masonry – Revelation of the Method – Jack the Ripper – JFK, Conditioning Populations, Wealthy Families – Bronfmans – Suits and Ties, Prediction of More Use of Chemical Weapons – Implanted Information Chips – Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons – “Flash Mobs”, Revolution – French – American, Decline of Western Male Sperm Count – Ignored Statistics, “Concept and Doctrine Center” – Predictive Programming – Unlimited Financing and Staff, Media Disclosure, Militarization of Space, “Declining News Quality”, Public are Kept Living in Past – Old Technology, Communication System Destruction, Neutron Weapons – Neutrino Bomb – Destruction of Bodies not Buildings – “Extreme Ethnic Cleansing” in an “Increasingly Populated World”, Loyola World Science Meeting – Brain Chip – World-Wide Computer Network, Security Forces, Building China and Pacific Rim – New Zealand and Australia, 1970s UN Statistics – AIDS-laced Vaccinations, Popularism and Marxism, Ivy League Professors and Historians, Agenda – Off the Land – Piled into Cities – Living in Urban Areas – Shanty Towns, Middle East Population Growth – Saudi Arabia, Fudging Figures and Statistics, Unemployment, Islamic Militancy, “Terrorism” – Media Exploitation – “Theater of Violence”, Nationalism and Globalism, Divination – Horoscopes – Charlatan Prediction – Priestly Knowledge, Stellar – Lunar – Solar Priests, MI5 – MI6 – Secret Services, Authorized Newspeak, Term “Conspiracy Theorist” to Discredit Real Research, Busy Weeks Ahead,
(Song: “Habla Me” by Gypsy Kings)

*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – April 13, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)



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