I have studied Geoffrey Hoppe and his Crimson Circle channeling of Tobias and others 2000 thru 2008.

1.The pretty words that gave some spiritual meaning become contradictory information that confuses and misleads people into thinking immoral behavior is acceptable.They support compulsive sexual behavior the doctrine of passivity instead of personal responsibility. (the agenda of the new world order).

Passivity leads to darker behavior away from the light.

You are dealing with a dark cult presenting itself as being high spiritual and the egde of humanity without moral responsibility for your behavior.

The dark agenda is to create a society where open marriages, polygamous couples, a society without traditional family values are the norm. Refusing responsibility for you, which is what the new dark world order encourage.

Geoffrey Hoppe  is all bout money, control, sex and follow the leader. Not spiritual enlightenment. His workshops are not helpful to others but make him money and give him control. He uses language to lure the unsuspecting into believing his compelling images and ideas – real or imagined – for the sake of holding individuals in bondage to a lesser truth. You are being hypnotized into an astral dreamworld.

Below are some deceptive practices I have experienced.

1. In 2008 during the CCEC annual shareholder meeting Linda Benyo stood up and proclaimed it was time to do shares the new energy way, and give back millions of stocks they were secretly holding. This was because key employees had left because of the unethical practices of CCEC and fraudulent business management

Surf this page for more detailed information) Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Benyo are still holding millions of shares making the stockholders certificates worthless.

Picture of my stockcertificate, where you can see how they watered down the value of the stocks.

Here is a link to a mail from a person that were questioning Geoffrey Hoppe and his ethics: In the mail Geoffrey Hoppe is trying to cover up his fraudulent behavior with more pretty stories : feel between the lines. >CLICK HERE TO READ A PSYCOPATH WILL DO EVERYTHING TO DEFEND HIMFELF !

2. Many times I tried to get in contact with Geoffrey Hoppe and Linda Benyo with no luck. I wanted to have details about the finacies of the company. I was ridiculed at the next year’s shareholder meeting in 2009 and no questions ever got answered. Employees and other shareholders confirmed that there were deceptive and fraudulent practices.

They are not in alignment with the universal laws.

Here is some responces to a mail I send around to people who have been in contact with Crimson Circle.

Comments from other people about Crimson Circle, click here !

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