April 26, 2007 Alan Watt      Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk) 


“Atmospheric Alchemists and the Chemtrails they Weave (UN and the Sustainable Development Bandwagon)”
Big Fear Creation – Grazing Sheep – Pushed into New Pen – Movement into New “Perfected” Society – Stalin – Elite View of Piece is Absence of Opposition, Weather – Global Warming – HAARP – Shortwave Reception – Atmosphere Saturation with Metallic Particles – Electromagnetic Energy Pulsation – Mood Alteration. Revelations – Bible – Old Plan, Food Used as Weapon, CNN.com (Science and Space Section) Article April 17, 2007 “UN Security Council Holds Climate Debate”, Population Reduction, Climate Change and Peace and Security – Group of 77 – League of Just Men – Developing Countries, Global Con-Game, Flooding – Disease – Famine – Crop Failures, Uganda – Hydropower, Carroll Quigley, Kofi Annan, Rwanda, Mark Baard Article (April 26, 2007) at parallelnormal.wordpress.com and theregister.co.uk – “Where Conspiracy and Convention Collide”, Esoteric Researchers – Existing in a Parallel Universe, Edward Teller, Lowell Wood, Nikolas Tesla, Fuel Consumption and Public Policy, Legalese of Public Speakers – “Intelligent Elimination of Undesired Heat”, Idealistic Humanism, Nobel Prize Winners, Banting – Dog Dissection, Spinning and Revolving of Chemicalized Polymer Clouds, Weather Warfare Treaties – Use on Public, HAM Radio Strange Signal – Woodpecker Signal, Riga – Soviet “Standing Wave” Technology, New Age Heroes, Higher Freemasonry and World Domination, Bertrand Russell quote – “There is no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed (belief) of the vast majority by adequate government action”, Adam Weishaupt quote – “Oh foolish man, what can you not be made to believe”, Nightly News – War – Silicone Babes – Destruction – Surrealism, Marketing Strategies – Insight into Human Psychology – Self-Help Books, Dan Rather – Growing Up with Father Figure – would he lie to you – Peter Mansbridge – Propaganda – Poll Taking – Polls, Easier to Warm Planet than Cool It – From Ice Age to Fried Age, Sir John Colville book – “Downing Street Diaries”, Winston Churchill, Racketeering in Crisis Creation Business – Selling Goods to Save Yourself – Buying Frenzy after Terror, Emotions and Caring of Ordinary People,
(Song: “The Logical Song” by Supertramp)

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March 29, 2007 Alan Watt      Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)

“Prophets of Profit and How Psychopaths Make a Killing”
Treadmill of Investors and Investing – Fear of Poverty, Fallout of the System, Left-Right-Up-Down Leaders are Given, Psychopathic Fascists at Top – Psychopathic Communist Bureaucracy, Taxation – Fees – Licensing, Profit is Killing the People – Saturated Markets, Star – Mercury – Sun News, Poisoned Pet Foods – Contaminated with Rat Poison Aminopterin – Kidney Failure, Massive Recall of Menu Foods, “Tainted” Foods – Wheat Gluten from Chinese Sources, Chinese Food Pollution – Heavy Metals and Toxins in Farmer’s Rivers, Cheaper and Cheaper Until it Hits Rock-Bottom, “Soylent Green” Movie – Reconstituted Human Body Meat – “Make Room, Make Room” Book, Food Scarcity – Starving Populations, Scientifically Created Food, Big Brands Purchase from Same Sources, Coloring Dog Food, Genetically Modified Crop Producers – Agriculture – GMO Guinea Pigs – Canada – David Suzuki, Population Reduction, CON-Jobs, Splicing Genes of Insects and Animals to Put In Vegetables, Plants Can Produce Drugs – Poppy – Heroin – Cocaine – Coca-Cola, Covert Operations, Take-Over of Food – Clothing – Shelter – Water, United Nations – Distributor of World Food Supply, Special Food for Bureaucrats, Gossip and Trivia, Disinformation and Hype, Good People are Attracted to What They Know is True, Persona Projection, Having a Nice Day, Pittance Wages – Caps – Badges – Uniforms, Conflict Establishment – Opposing Views, Farming – Animal Slaughter, Companionship, Barnyard Childhood Fun, Eating Creatures, Gestalt – Eureka Moments, Charles Forte “We’re Being Farmed”, Living Like Animals while Elite Live Like Kings, Conquering Dilemmas Individually, Logic of Darwinism, Having Time to Think, Psychopathic Killing Sprees, Predatory = Pre-Date Society, Coats of Arms – Kipling’s Joke – “Jungle Book” – King of the Jungle – the Lion, Current Crisis Point in Society – Marketed Thoughts and Ideas, Unique Abilities – Trained Not to Use Them, Breaking Through, Rage and Anger, Emulating Television Programming, Scientific Schooling, Burned Dinners, Psychosis, Inner Struggles, Carl Jung, New Age Religion for a New Age, Christianity, Eternal Stories, Politicized Translations, Story of Jesus – Trinity – Parthenogenesis – Antimimon Pneuma – Dreams – Myths – Miracle Tales, Heroes and Monsters, Reason and Enlightenment, Christian Consciousness,
(Song: “Song For Liberty” (Giuseppe Verdi) – Vocalist-Nana Mouskouri )

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