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“Code of Silence” by Bruce Springsteen


There’s a code of silence that we don’t dare speak
There’s a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there’s nothing wrong
But there’s a code of silence and it can’t go on



Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 28th of December 2007, the count down, the big count down. For newcomers, I always tell them to look into for the transcripts from the site in Europe. That’s and you can pass those around after printing lots of them up. Leave them everywhere, in launderettes, launderamas, restaurants, wherever. You would be surprised how many people will read these and they’re written in the various tongues of Europe and look into for lots of audios, which you can download, from previous talks and shows that I’ve done on this particular topic. The topic being everything, everything that gives us our reality. Only to show you in fact that it’s not your reality at all. You adopt most of it as the norm and the trouble with normal, it always gets worse, because the boys at the top are always updating it just like a computer program.


I’ve been thinking about that today in fact on and off between getting wood in and running off to the post office and trying to look through the email to find out what is important to reply to. I get hundreds of emails per day with everything from the meaning of life questions to what size shoes people should wear, that kind of stuff. It’s almost like a Dear Abbey kind of thing and it simply brings it home to you how conditioned people are into having someone else’s opinion on things which they should think for themselves. That’s how we’ve all been reared, to listen to experts on all the topics that we can figure out ourselves, all these subjects. People when they begin to follow the stars up in Hollywood, for instance, they emulate what they think they say or do or what they wear, according to the magazines, rather than think and do for themselves, but it’s the same all down the totem pole.


Most people don’t come to their own conclusions. What they do is to ask as many acquaintances as possible what they would do in a particular situation and so you have a consensus answer. Very few people are willing to take the risks that a true individual would take to be an individual. I’ve been telling people recently that, what is an individual? An individual that can take people as they are regardless of what they’re actually into and you don’t need a group to back you up, like “this person’s in that group. They’re different from my group, therefore I won’t talk to them.” All down through the strata of society everyone’s been so divided, deliberately, by the experts again, and they use the herd instinct because the majority of the public want to belong to one or other group, all the way from religion, to what they eat, to everything, what they believe in. That’s a sad state of affairs. That’s why we’re so easily managed.


However, I get questions like that too, and to be honest with you, I’d need 25,000 lifetimes to answer them all and that’s impossible. I don’t sit at the computer all day long. In fact, I hardly sit at it at all. I really don’t like the computer. I don’t go surfing for anything either. I just don’t have the time or the inclination and sure enough, you could have 25,000 lifetimes trying to get all the data that’s out there. Most of it’s useless. I’ll be back with more on this topic after the following messages.


Hi. I’m Alan Watt at Cutting Through the Matrix and I was explaining just before the break what an individual is. An individual would gather information to what’s pertinent in their own life and make their own decisions and act upon them without harming other people. The problem with the popular opinion is that it’s comprised really of people who are not individuals at all. That’s why they have popular opinions and they will tend to want everyone to be the same as themselves. Dress the same, look the same, believe in the same things. Even though the fads keep changing, they don’t realize that their fads are given to them and the religious changes too and they just follow suit and follow the mantras that are handed out to them and they’ll almost stone anybody to death that doesn’t give the same mantra back to the group, like a password almost.


It used to be the same in Christianity. More so perhaps in the U.S. than in other countries because certain buzzwords like amen, brother, et cetera meant you were automatically a Christian and you were accepted as such, even though you could be the top con man and get to the top of the evangelical movement, as long as you said the right buzzwords you were accepted. You could be a real shark but they wouldn’t see that at all. The public wouldn’t see it. The followers wouldn’t see that. They like the people who are closer to God than themselves and the proof of it is always in how wealthy they become and that’s how they seem to judge it.


However, it’s the same with all the other religions including the New Age religions out there. One fad after another and they have their popular words, their in-words, their religious terms, which they don’t even realize are religious terms and you find the same sort of thing going on inside those particular big groups.


Being an individual generally means saying and doing that which is unpopular, because is popular is for the populace, the big group, and most of the people belonging to the big group don’t really have real opinions of their own. They get their opinions given to them almost by osmosis by the media. That’s why if you watch the media after a president or a prime minister speaks, they then bring on the experts to decipher what you heard yourself. If you listen to either one of them, as I do, or I used to, you’d wonder if they heard the same speech as you because one will give you a complete slant on the left wing. One will give you a complete other slant on the right wing. What it’s meant for is for the public because the public generally are always split in two. This or that. This or that. Up or down. Left or right; and they’re giving you your opinion according to what party you belong to. It’s very simple but it works so well and these sciences are understood and always have been understood at the top on how you control vast multitudes of people.


Adam Weishaupt was only one member in one lodge, of the Beenan Orden (the Order of the Bees) as they called it, of the Illuminati, only one branch, because all the freemasonic lodges were members of the Illuminati. He took the heat and he had big ambitions and he was taken down for getting too big for his boots. He said, “Oh, foolish man, what can you not be made to believe,” knowing that even the ones they brought in to this what was pushed as a religion of elitists and elitism, knowing that the ones at the bottom would be the “useful idiots” as they call them. This is confirmed by the writings of Albert Pike who wrote “Morals & Dogma” and he said in his book that those at the bottom are really no better than the rest of the profane because they don’t know any real secrets at that level. The big secrets are simply how the system really works and how you can use and benefit from the system, and the system is a form of predation. It’s a predatory system, which lives off the multitude below. That’s really how this system works and those they call the profane, those who are living in the dark, the unenlightened, are there to be used and you profit from them by using them as a good psychopath should, you see, and that’s how the entire system really, really works.


The problem in society and in most societies is we have natural tribal instincts and this has been proven even with the remnants of some of what we call “primitive civilizations,” meaning those that are not interdependent but are still independent from this system. They generally will elect a leader and give him a little bit of reverence, but they don’t load him up with riches and treat him like some king with a court and feed them the best foods and make them terribly special. They live much like the rest of the public they live amongst, but the problem with the monied system is that money is just a form of taking your labor from you in taxes. That’s one of its main reasons it was put out there in the first place. Then the king, or the tribal leader can become king, have a big, big court and then hire a military to keep you all in line and make sure that its progeny continues the lineages for as long as he wants.


Now we have thousands of them to take care of because it’s not just kings, queens, and all their cousins and their second, third, fourth and fifth cousins and their families and castles and residences. It’s also pretty well worldwide. It boils down to what adds up to millions of high-level bureaucrats and their families too. It’s the same predatory system run on a scientific basis with the understanding of human nature; and if you understand human nature, you can completely exploit it for your own benefit. That’s what these sciences are based on, exploitation of basic human nature, because the people, unfortunately, want to look up to someone that they think is better than themselves. In this system and this society especially, we’ve not been given much in the way of appreciating ourselves and to accept who we are.


All the advertising you see on television or in the glossy magazines is aimed at making you unhappy with who you are; otherwise commerce would fall flat on its face. If everyone truly had the latest toothbrush and whatever gadget or gizmo is going to make you have the greatest orgasm in your life, no matter what it’s supposed to be, and the best car and all the rest of it, if everyone had these things commerce would stop because we’d all have exactly what we all need supposedly to be happy. However, if you notice, we keep buying more stuff and more stuff and we’re never happy because we cannot get happy by having things. Simple. Very, very simple, but the commercial system is based on making you unhappy with yourself. How you look. How tall or short you are. What age you are. What gender you are. How many spots are on your face? To get terrified if you get a grey hair, utterly paranoid, and on and on it goes. You’re exploited. Every part of nature, growing up, maturing and so on, gender, et cetera, is completely and utterly exploited for profit purposes, but also to put into every individual that you’re not as good as other people. That’s why they give you fantasies to look up to. They give you complete fantasies to try and emulate. You cannot emulate a fantasy.


You’ll see the top Hollywood stars and starlets, in their own personal life they are no better off than anyone else. Just look at how many divorces they have, fights, arguments, drug therapies, et cetera, withdrawal and all the rest of it, to see how well they’re doing. How much plastic surgery they have to get done to look the way they do. It’s astounding, yet that’s what they give us to emulate. Fictions. We’re given fictions to emulate. The women go for guys with the big jaws and so on and the cheekbones. They’re artificial implants they’re putting in them now. They’re giving us something that’s unattainable by nature, yet people are becoming addicted to this stuff and busting their own mortgages and taking second and third mortgages, running up their credit cards to always try and look better as they get older, because in this system the generations have been completely and utterly separated by design.


You have very old elderly people, experts in their fields of how the mind works and how society works. Planning, always planning ahead a future where they will manipulate the younger people and make the young people think that they’re the only ones who are really alive because the younger ones that are the easiest to manipulate. They have no life experience. They’re going through phases of awkwardness still trying to find their identity; therefore you supply them with fiction and fictitious identities. They understand their need to belong and so you give them the groups to belong to or the “sets,” as they used to call them, to belong to; and also you tell them that anyone who is much older than themselves is irrelevant. That way there’s no intergenerational communication and wisdom and knowledge is not passed on from older people to younger people. There’s no respect really on either side.


The older people too have been reared up in one generation and spoiled in one generation – spoiled so much they forget how their grandparents lived not so long ago on very little. They forget too how family life was not so long ago. They forget that they didn’t have to run off to psychotherapists and all kinds of New Age substitutes for healing of the mind, not so long ago. How quickly we forget, but not so long ago you couldn’t even get a credit card or a bank loan unless you had something physical, some tangible asset that the bank could lean on if it needed to. How things have changed and not for our benefit. Back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix. The matrix which should be obvious to everyone but really isn’t because as I say everyone looks towards everyone else to see how they’re handling this reality and if they get it all from the same mainstream news organizations and they all do the same things and say the same things, they think they’re quite sane. They don’t realize they’re being manipulated and that everything that happens in their lives on a major scale, even worldwide, is a planned event because that’s how strategy works. Strategy is of no use unless you plan the future and implement it.


Now we’ve got Debra from Baltimore on the line. Are you there, Debra?


Debra:  Hi Alan. As usual, an awesome show.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Debra:  It’s always interesting to me that people don’t realize how they’re being manipulated. They think they’re getting the news when they get home from work and turn on the television and watch the program. I always like to point out to people I speak to that didn’t you notice that if you were to flick between any number of stations that the same story is said the same way. The same story is put out there the same way. The same kind of spin, if you were to say spin, and that goes with people you know people like to drag in Fox News as being the mouthpiece of the White House and I’d like to say well CNN is no different.


Alan:  They’re all the same exactly and they all get their mainstream news through the API or Reuters. Really, Reuters and API are combined anyway to make sure that everyone gets the same news and that’s not only repeated all through the general media. It’s all through the newspaper industry as well, right down to your local newspaper. They just parrot the same stuff.


Debra:  For people to look into who owns your media and this country (this country being the United States), it’s all owned by the same five corporations that are directly tied to the military and the banking industrial complex. There’s no difference.


Alan:  That’s completely true and in fact it’s been disclosed in the past even by the CIA that they had reporters working in some of the biggest news organizations.


Debra:  Operation Mockingbird and I tell people look up Operation Mockingbird. This is going back to World War II.


Alan:  They even have not just reporters, they have authors – some mainstream authors work for them as well. They haven’t missed a trick and even novelists. I’ve got some articles here on sci-fi novelists that are admitting that they do work with the government. Every thought that we have given to us that again is popular is really part of the agenda of indoctrination and the public haven’t a clue, because, to be honest with you, most of the public are too far gone if ever to get a clue.


Debra:  I know and that is to me part of the most distressing part.


Alan:  It is because you’re seeing the end effects really of a scientific indoctrination.


Debra:  That started a little before my birth and continues to this day and I’m wondering how is that you were so dumbed down? How was it you feel for all of this and I didn’t.


Alan:  They also used inoculations too and that was something I clued into eventually. I’d always suspected it but I didn’t want to even believe it myself, but then I came across the writings of a few different people at top, Bertrand Russell was one of the main ones. He said with the use of drugs and the needle they should be able to manage the minds of the public.


Debra:  But you know Alan I had those same inoculations and maybe more so because I was the child of a military man who traveled overseas and somehow I managed to escape those effects.


Alan:  What’s interesting too, you see all batches of inoculations are not the same and for a lot of their other employees they don’t want them to be dumbed down too much to quickly and perhaps you had a different batch given to you. For the general public, especially in countries in Europe like Britain, there’s no doubt about it, you had the general inoculations that came from the same bottle. They just use a spirit swab and take about 15 or 20 shots from the same bottle, or you could have individual files. The individual files did not contain mercury and other substances, but that was only for the wealthy.


Debra:  And that I was not, you know, and we didn’t travel to Europe. We traveled to South America, Central America, so in that sense I may have lucked out on that end.


Alan:  What I find, too, is that you follow the case of autoimmune problems and allergies and from the 1950’s onwards, mainly with the polio vaccine they started to begin – that was the first we’d heard about bubble children. That came out around in the ’60’s that they couldn’t get out of the bubbles. They had no immune system left, but pretty well everyone in the western world now has allergies to something. They have a decreased immune system and when you read back in the writings of the big boys, they talked about destroying the immune system of the public as well as the intellect. Hang on the line and we’ll be back after these messages.


Debra:  Okay. Thanks Alan.


Alan:  Hi. I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix and we have Debra from Maryland on the line discussing inoculations and how we’ve been dumbed down and how we’ve conned and how we’re directed to our thoughts that are not ours at all, but rather the experts have managed to inset them into our minds. We don’t question as long as everyone else has the same opinions on things from the same sources. That’s how we judge our sanity. It takes the rare individual to think outside of the box and risk the wrath of the populace and you will. You will. They’ll turn on you because they want you all to be the same as themselves and have the same opinions. When we’re all fighting each other it’s much easier to manipulate vast groups of us and whole countries of us by a small minority at the top who are making all the big decisions and guiding us along the real path they’ve planned for us.


Talking about the inoculations, though, I always thought it was interesting that mothers were taught the child will have a fever for a few days, maybe a couple of days and then it will pass and then they’ll be fine. When you really look at where the fever was based in most of these inoculations, it’s in the head. It’s in the brain area. Now inflammation of an organ generally kills off cells and then you couple that with the writings of Arthur Koestler and others who worked for these particular groups. In fact, it’s been disclosed now, long after the fact, that he worked with MI5 and MI6 along with others including Bertrand Russell. Koestler mentions the fact they’d have to destroy that part of the brain that gave the average person their individuality and their self-preservation and self-survival instincts. They would not need it anymore because the state would be making all their decisions for them. Isn’t that an interesting thing? We’re seeing the effects of it now.


Debra: That’s exactly right and these are people from my era in the 1957, ’58, ’59 and between that and fluoridation which makes them really rather just so, the reaction that I get from my peers that age group is: How do you have time to even deal with this and how do you know all this? It’s like haven’t you been paying attention for the last 50 years?


Alan:  That’s the scary thing, isn’t it? You find no they really haven’t.


Debra:  They really haven’t and it’s just like whatever the media tells them they just go along with.


Alan:  That’s all they need to know.


Debra:  Yes and the brainwashing of you’re just one person. You can’t make a difference. Don’t even try to fight this because it’s much bigger than you. You don’t have the money. You don’t have the backing and you’ll be ostracized; and to which I respond well I don’t care if I’m ostracized. I may not have the money. I may not have the bank account but I’m still going to say it.


Alan:  What they’re really telling you is they don’t care. That’s what they’re really telling you if you listen to them.


Debra:  Yes and the apathy part of it is just mind-boggling.


Alan:  It’s scary to see the apathy but I did a talk or a couple of talks on that very subject, back again in the ’50’s and ’60’s with the big think tanks that worked for governments. They said they would create a system where they would promote apathy amongst the population; and they’ve been very successful in doing it. They have done that.


Debra:  They have and they’ve done it rather successfully, but for the few of us who have seen this for the sham that it is all along.


Alan:  The king has no clothes. That’s the bottom line. The reason they’re so terrified of the public is just a matter of numbers really. They’re terrified of the public because long, long ago they discussed overpopulation. Now overpopulation to the elite can be any figure they want it to be at a particular time. What they really mean is they’re terrified of a magic number arriving where they simply cannot dictate to the public and make them do what they want them to do.


Debra:  Right. A number of people not willing to go along with the program.


Alan:  Because they see it as their world at the top. They’re the dominant minority. They’re hereditary classes and they own so much and they see this as their world and they have all their little societies and the Guardian Class and all the rest of it and they are the epitome of class distinction and snobbery at the top, elitism. They truly do see this world as their world and they believe they have the right to plan its future, where it’s going to go, and that no one else down below has a say in the matter. It’s not our place to have a say in the matter in fact.


Debra:  You have the ruling elites and the peasants and we’re all the peasants.


Alan:  We’re all the peasants.


Debra:  What I found interesting was in regard to Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. She was part of the ruling elite and people are not seeing that. It’s just like oh what a tragedy, she was going to bring democracy to Pakistan; and I’m saying are you crazy? That was never her intention. It was just a cure.


Alan:  I mean what is democracy? I mean we don’t have democracy, and here we are, pretending to put this system across the planet for everyone else. We’ve never had democracy. It’s been a sham since the beginning and Bhutto was just back from the U.S. after spending a long time with top think tanks and the CIA to fulfill her role. Now whether she had other plans, who knows? but I’m sure there’s big agencies behind her death.


Debra:  Oh, definitely, but I think bottom line with Bhutto was the hope that she would allow or permit a military base in Pakistan. I think Musharraf said oh I don’t think so and took her out, but I don’t think that Bhutto held any promise. She wasn’t that popular with the working class in Pakistan.


Alan:  No. They didn’t trust her. They’d lost faith and again, that’s the thing too. Now the ones at the top, remember, the wealthy, they still class those who will work, that means anyone who is in the public eye who actually works, as a worker bee; and they have no problem killing off those ones when required, even to spark off a civil war for instance. Everyone who works for this dominant minority, you might think you’re up there, but if you’re still a worker in a sense and doing their bidding, then they can dispose of you at anytime they wish to without question.


Debra:  Of course. I mean my suspicions lie in the death of Dennis Kucinich’s brother last week. He did not come from a ruling class. His family was very poor and yet he’s where he is yet the media ignores him, kind of pushes off to the side as some kind of lunatic fringe, which is what they’ll do to anyone that has the drive to try and change something.


Alan:  Yes, that’s right, outside the agenda for sure.


Debra:  Oh yes and I think he was outside of the agenda. He wants an office of peace. He wants an end to war. He wants a true investigation into 9/11. I think that was a warning shot across his ballast like you better shut up now.


Alan:  As I say, again, they direct the minds of the majority of the public. They’ll even tell them who to listen to. If the experts come on and tell you and ridicule someone, it works well with the public. They won’t listen to that particular individual. They do what they’re told. They’re very obedient slaves.


Debra:  Very obedient. You’ve got the Democratic party choosing who you get to vote for. You’ve got the Republican party choosing who you get to vote for and there is no difference between the two parties.


Alan:  None at all. Which bunch of multimillionaires and lawyers do you want to vote for?


Debra:  Or what thieves, in this case, but you’ve got on top of that them (them being the media or whoever the mouthpieces are at the moment) dividing people on non-issues.


Alan:  Absolutely and it’s quite easy to do.


Debra:  It’s very easy to do.


Alan:  It’s an old routine. It gets so monotonous listening to it with healthcare, welfare, jobs and so on, the same old mantra. The big agenda is for unification in the world, Unification of the Americas. None of that’s ever mentioned.


Debra:  None and the real issues are never ever mentioned ever. Are you pro life? Are you pro this or pro that? And then to stand there in one of these so-called debates and ask what’s your favorite bible quote. You could have thrown me off my chair at that point. You know they’re so blatant.


Alan:  There’s nothing they won’t stoop to, that’s the whole point. There’s nothing they won’t stoop to. There’s nothing low enough that they couldn’t stoop to.


Debra:  And wasn’t it Karl Marx who said, “religion is the opiate of the masses?”


Alan:  It’s true enough and it doesn’t matter what – even the New Agers have their religion and they don’t realize it is a religion, most of them, and they’re easily swayed as well.


Debra:  And it’s not even new.


Alan:  It’s not new at all. It’s just the old rehash. They call it the perennial religion. They pull it out every few centuries.


Debra:  And they think they’re doing something and they’re not.


Alan:  All they’re doing is practicing Hinduism and they don’t even know it.


Debra:  Yes, exactly.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling in.


Debra:  Well I thank you Alan and thank for your show. It’s one of those things I try not to miss.


Alan:  It’s a pleasure.


Debra:  All right, take care.


Alan:  Bye now. Now I’ve got Maggie from Texas. Are you there, Maggie? Hello Maggie.


Maggie:  Oh hello. I think I’d rather listen to the last caller than talk myself.


Alan:  Go ahead.


Maggie:  She started out by talking about vaccines and wondering out loud how she had escaped the ill effects when so many others have suffered. I think I’m probably about the same age, maybe even a little older, but thimerosal and so on was in vaccines even before I was born and I remember distinctly that in my childhood I had maybe three vaccinations, three vaccines. One was smallpox, and one was tetanus and I don’t remember what the third one was. It may have been diphtheria. This was by the age of seven and then there was one booster shot at ten and that was it. When the polio vaccine came out, to my surprise, my mother said no polio vaccine for you and I didn’t understand it. She had some sense that she just didn’t want to go there.


Alan:  Perhaps she knew something about Mr. Salk the great hero that was going to eradicate polio, because if you go into his history the man was the champion of the American Eugenics Society and he had written many papers in their magazines about vastly reducing the population. Suddenly he turns around and gives us this wonderful vaccine to help the poor people and he was questioned on that in major newspapers at the time and of course he said he just couldn’t decide – it was a judgment that he didn’t know how to really make, either to help kill them off or to help them, and to help them just simply won over his better nature. That was the excuse we were given. Meanwhile, we find out there was over 140 Simian or live monkey viruses in every shot, including the Simian 40 virus which has only one purpose and that’s to create cancers in people. They knew that at the time.


Maggie:  I just started researching this and I wanted to call you and your audience’s attention to a book called “Polio: An American Story.”  Have you heard about that?


Alan:  I’ve heard of it. I’ve probably read other documents along the same line, so I’m familiar with the topic.


Maggie:  This one just recently won the Pulitzer Prize and I haven’t read it yet. I’m going to. I have heard as far as polio goes, though, not from this book which I haven’t read yet, but I’ve heard that actually polio was starting to be on the decrease by the time these vaccines came out due to, I don’t know, just more care or better health in general and Americans were healthy at that time.


Alan:  Here’s the big con. You see what happened is polio tended to give you the same symptoms and in fact they are the same symptoms as encephalitis and meningitis, so they simply started having meningitis and encephalitis and didn’t mention polio anymore.


Maggie:  Oh, is that what happened?


Alan:  That’s what happened.


Maggie:  I see, well in any event the last thing I’ll say is that I have heard that FDR had either polio or something very similar to it and he had financial interests in a clinic that he patronized himself but he also apparently owned it and he stood to make a lot of money by promoting polio and then promoting its cure.


Alan:  You mean you have presidents in the U.S. who are so unscrupulous as to mix business with politics?


Maggie:  Oh well.


Alan:  Isn’t that something?


Maggie:  Yes.


Alan:  I’m sure it’s a good read, but if you look back there’s a lot of old books out there written by the American Eugenics Society. You’ll find a lot of writings by a lot of the top people who ended up being the champions for inoculations in those books and you read their points of view and it will really scare you.


Maggie:  I’m just starting to be aware of that and just one more point I want to make before getting off is that people today – it’s hard to believe but people have absolutely forgotten how much healthier we all were when we got two or three or no immunizations.


Alan:  Yes, you’re absolutely right.


Maggie:  We have a generation of kids who are just sick with everything in the book and when I went to school there were no allergies, no asthma.


Alan:  It was extremely rare and suddenly it came on the scene and suddenly all the doctors that were getting turned out from the colleges, universities were being told the latest that suddenly it now is common – so common is the norm.


Maggie:  Yes it sure is. You must be familiar with the work of Donald Scott because he’s in Sudbury.


Alan:  Yes I am. Excellent books.


Maggie:  Yes, I read his books. Okay. Well, thank you Alan. As usual, a great program.


Alan:  You take care, Maggie.


Maggie:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  We have Rick from California on the line. Are you there, Rick?


Rick:  Yes I’m here Alan.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Rick:  Yes, I wasn’t going to call you but I heard a dog barking on the last caller and I wasn’t sure if that was her or was that Hamish barking.


Alan:  No, Hamish is much louder.


Rick:  Oh, okay, because I was concerned that something might be happening up there, that the government might be doing something.


Alan:  Well they’d wait until the program is finished because we Canadians, up here they do it more sophisticated. You know we’re more sophisticated. They’re politer before they kill you. They let you finish.


Rick:  Okay. That’s all. I was just concerned. I was hoping – my blood was like on end there for a second when I heard the dog. I never heard Hamish bark before.


Alan:  Hamish has got a real loud deep bark. It tends to shake the foundations of the house.


Rick:  Okay Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Rick:  You’re welcome.


Alan:  I’ll be back with more after these messages. Hi. I’m Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and we only have two or three minutes to go. Just to remind people that they can keep me going by buying the books I have on my website I have CDs, DVDs, and I don’t have much time to put out much more stuff. That’s part of the problem I have. I rush through life here. I hit the floor running in the mornings and it’s just go, go, go all day just basically surviving, so this really is brought to you. This program is brought to you by yourselves and I don’t get paid for any of the shows I do. I could get paid but I’d have to promote certain products and so on. That’s how the industry runs. That’s how this commercial system works, but I’d rather just give you the basic reality of the world as it’s happening and not get into the business side of it, so for those who can help keep me going it’s up to yourselves. You can also donate to help keep me going as well because this really is becoming a full time job, and apart from running back and forth to post offices and packaging things and sending them off and all this kind of stuff and dealing with people on the phone, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else at all. Then there’s uploading at night and since the satellite system is now owned by Hughes, of the big military-industrial complex fame, they’ve cut back my uploading speed to twice that of dialup, which apparently they’re allowed to do under the contract.


Have you noticed these contracts they give you for all the programs on the internet? You don’t have a right at all on anything. You’re buying something and having no rights whatsoever and not only that, they can take everything from you even though you bought it. It’s kind of like if you went to a gardening store to buy a spade and you had to fill out all this documentation on the conditions of how and where and when you’ll use the spade. I mean that would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it? and yet we’re getting all conditioned into having no rights whatsoever on the products we buy to do with the internet. What a farce. What a complete utter farce, but again the power always lies in the hands of the public; because if the public said well that’s it and I’ll shut it down, they’d be on their knees begging for you to start using it again.


Same with the gasoline: If we all stopped going to work for a week you’d see some very rapid decisions happen in governments and within corporations, but we don’t use that because we’re not unified – something that the governments worked very hard to make sure, that we’re not unified. You’d find amongst your own people, those that would go along with it anyway and let you all down. That’s what they count on, so for those who want me to keep going, you can certainly help keep me going because I can’t live on fresh air or cold air or humid air depending on the season of the year.


We’re going through into the next year and this next year is going to be pretty hectic with more and more incredible laws getting passed everywhere across the planet affecting our lives in very intimate ways now. They’ve stopped pretending that they serve us at the top or even at the local level. We are now the slaves and servants to them and they are dictating to us. All you need is one generation to grow up in a totalitarian regime where your life is planned for you from birth to death and then the next generation will think it’s all quite normal that you have no privacy of your own in your private life. That’s what it’s all about.


Unfortunately, again, it’s always up to the few in every generation to do the work that’s necessary and pass on the information as well and to make the complaints and to let the big boys know that we know what’s going on. It’s always up to the few. Otherwise this regime would have been rammed through a long time ago. We’re here to make sure we can deflect it off into another way.


From myself and Hamish, up in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)

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