THEY TAK YOU OUT OF ONE BOX AND PUT YOU INTO ANOTHER BOX OF ENSLAVEMENT !, where moral relativity is the base and nothing is right or wrong only experience.


March 15, 2007 Alan Watt      Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)


“Black Budgets, Black Ops., Dirty Tricks and the Battle for the Mind”
Data Overloading – Taboo Topics, Iran-Contra Scandal – Drug Running Into the U.S. – Black Budgets – Covert Actions – Financing Revolutions, No Countries at the Top, Making Money Out of Nothing, Think Tanks, Culture Creation and Indoctrination, Emergencies, Book Thieves, Corruption at the Bottom, Nefarious Attempts at Pulling the Rug from Under Your Feet, Free Audio Shows and Transcripts on the Website, Book and Disc Sales Keep Me (Alan) Going, Living Very Simply – Bare Essentials, Only the Main Websites are Authorized to Sell My (Alan’s) Materials, Aerial Spraying Worldwide – We’re Not Supposed to Know, Metallic Skies, Kyoto Agreements – Al Gore – Climate Changes, Attempts to Create Panic, Terrifying the People to Give Up All Their Rights – Bringing in the New Society, How Short Our Memories Are – Media Does Public’s Thinking-Reasoning-Recollection, BBC – Propaganda of Government, Trust in Media, Monitoring Public Medical Data, Even the Dog Watches the Skies – Most People Don’t Notice, Brainwashing – A Changed World Run by Experts, Blasting Asteroids, Change in Ways of Looking at Life, Scientifically Induced Indoctrination, Pharmaceutical and Technological Pain Relief, “Terrorist” Event Creation, Trends and Fashions Promoted from the Top Down, Destroying the Old Religion to Bring in the New (Age) Religion, Refusal to Look at the Negative – Standing On the Train Tracks and Ignoring the Train, Musicians Trips to India, Dogma and Corruption, Caring for Others Outside Yourself, Dog-Eat-Dog – Modern Babylon, Wildlife Programs – Push for Population Reduction, Immature Personality Will Adopt Opinions of Experts, Long Range Planning of Global Agenda, United Nations, Aggressive People – Selfishness – Navel Gazing, Transitory Material World, Daily Doses of Advertisements, CON-Forming Crowds, Shattering Their Spell with Simple Speech and Pointing Out What Is, Taught Perceptions, Tickets and Fines – Supplying Your Labor via Money, Massive Building Project Funding, Legal Corruption, Sovietized Medical System – Bribes for Service,
(Song: “Carrickfergus” by Loreena McKennitt and Cedric Smith, “By The Rivers Dark” by Leonard Cohen)

*Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Mar 15, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


March 16, 2007 Alan Watt      Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)


” ‘Roll Up, Roll Up! Tune in to the Body Part Game-Show Macabre’ and     ‘Chemical Evolution to “Perfect” Women (The End of a Period in Time)’ “
Movie Predictive Programming – Evolution of Sports into Blood-Sports – “Running Man” – “Rollerball” – Three-Tiered World run by World Corporation, Gradual Indoctrination – Plastic Culture can be Changed for the Times You Live In, New Bloodless “Revolutions” – Cultural and Information Wars – War on Poverty and Drugs, The Internet – Dominated by Those Making War on Your Mind, Process of De-Humanization, Sport as National Pastime Addiction – ARENA = AARON, Gruesome Fests of Fascination, Monty Python movie “Meaning of Life” – Replacing Old Religions with Science – Opposition=Condemnation – Old Gods and New Gods, Ordering Kidneys for Transplant – Donors are Paid Paltry Sum – Deliveries to Wealthy Recipients – Exploitation of the Poor, Neutralizing Compassion with Injustice, De-Humanization through Comedy and Game-Shows, — Daily Mail (Britain) article – May 31, 2007 – “Fury at kidney-swop TV” by Allan Hall ( World News) — Organ Donation – Kidney Transplant Game-Show Contest – Contestants vie for a Kidney – Reality TV – BNN TV – “Who Gets Her Organs?” – Attempts to Block Showing – Daily Mail Tabloid format – Hollywood Drama and Sex – Fantasia, Minds of Psychopaths at the Top – Lack of Identity with Normal Human Emotions – A World of Efficiency, Futuristic Books – We are the Subject – Training Not to Participate in Creation of Our Reality and Destiny, Think-tanks – Pyramid Structure, View of Sacredness of Life – Descent into Inhumanity, Destruction of Bonding in Relationships – Promiscuity – Massive Pregnancies by Single Women – Abortion Body Parts, Butchery in Name of Progress, Depopulation Program – Earth Charter – Animal Rights, Public Love of Socialism – World Run by Experts (Your Betters), Radio Talk Shows – Controversial Topics – Hegelian Dialectic – Taking Sides – Acceptance of Bizarre, “Conspiracy” vs. “Open Conspiracy” – Published Global Agenda, Hormonal Changes, — BBC News – May 23, 2007 – “US Approves Pill to Stop (Monthly) Periods” — Librel drug – play on Libra and Life or Freedom – Halting Monthly Menstrual Cycle – Birth-Control Hormones – Pregnancy – Planned Parenthood Federation (Started by a Eugenicist) – Creation of Hormonal Environment Not Found in Nature – Slogans – Contraception and “Choice” – Perfecting that which was left Imperfect, — Independent Media Centre (IMC), Winnipeg – May 24, 2007 -“North American Union Plan Headed to Congress in Fall” (from World Net Daily) — Integration of US-Mexico-Canada into Economic and Security Bloc – “Centre for Strategic and International Studies” (CSIS acronym) – North American Free Trade Agreement – European Union – Border Infrastructure – Secret Round-Table Sessions – CFR – Royal Institute for International Affairs – “North American Future 2025 Project” – Free Flow of People across National Borders – Competition to the Bottom – “Market Forces” – SPP – Security and Prosperity Partnership (Who Prospers?) – Immigration and Amnesty Protests – Planned Society – Common Market – Karl Marx – Life in the Script, Bulk of Population are Perpetual Children – They Want to Play – Acquiescence of General Public – Police Blitzes, — Alan: “We Must Give Power to the Beast in Order to be Devoured by the Beast, in All Ages” — Fear of Changes – Saving the People – Collective Training – Tyranny – Psychopaths Decide Direction of Public, SILENCE IS LEGAL CONSENT, Right and Wrong – Sentience – Communication of the Facts – Questions of What Comes After this Life?, Seeking Truth – Giving Up All to Find It – Taking Risks – Alienation and Isolation – Opening Pandora’s Box (No Guarantees) – Stages of Waking Up – Strength in Knowing – Everyone is Making Choices – Breaking through Barriers, Sham of Democracy – Pre-Selected Politicians – Long-Term Big Business Plans,
(Song: “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel)

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Jan. 1, 2008 Alan Watt       Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)
“New Year – Deja Vu for a Few”
(Song: “Deja Vu” by Gallagher and Lyle.)
Road to New World Order–Dream of Aristocratic Families – “Individuals” fighting Each Other – Standardized Culture, Adaptation, Eradication – Group-Think. Understanding of “Nature” (Science) – Rebuilding that which was left Imperfect – Labor, Profit, Elite – Pyramidal Structure – Money, Currency (flow), Commercial System, Wars, Taxation. Media (Middlemen) Peddling a Reality – Topics Given to Debate – Knighting of Big Magnates – Traps for Those Who Wake Up – Gurus, Truth given as “Bait”, Realm of Fantasy. Commerce – Nothing is “Free” (Price for Everything) – Monitoring, Privacy – Personalized Advertising Profiles – Agency Data Collection – Selling Soul for Convenience. Definition of “Peace” – Majority Obedience. The Future – Computerization – Planned Unemployment – Computer Training – US-Canada-Mexico Amalgamation. “Illusion” – Distortion of Reality, Perception – Hinduism – Working off “Bad Karma” – Wheel of Reincarnation – Yoga, Religion, Faith. Individual Soul, Atman – States of Consciousness – Universal Soul – India, Brahman Class, Mass Poverty – “Evolution” – Modern New Age Religion. New Age Psychology, Hypnosis – Paying Money to find “Previous Lives” – Cleopatra “Reincarnates”. Controlled Society – Earth Worship – Scientists as New Priests – “Saving the Earth” – Fanatics, Devotees – “Logan’s Run” movie. “Progress” – Atom Bomb – Scientific Discoveries for Our “Benefit” – Knowledge of Humankind – Plato’s “Republic”, Elite Utopia. Services, Authorities – Laws, Bureaucracies, “New Blood” – Positions of Power, Battalions – Enforcers of the System.
*Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Jan. 1, 2008 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Oct. 15, 2008
Alan Watt “Cutting Through The Matrix” LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 15, 2008:
Reality versus Magical Mystery Tour:
“Citizenry Psy-Ops Operation,
People in Tizzy of Dis-information,
Truth of Which They Ne’er Possess,
Conflicting Data They Can’t Process,
Fact and Fantasy, All Bound Together,
‘Re’ the Belief, ‘Ligion’ the Fetter,
Round in Circles, All Amazed,
Under Mind Control, They Must Be Dazed,
Psychological Warfare to have Success,
The Victims’ Minds They Must Possess,
Until They Find They’re All Alone,
Truth is Knockin’ but No-one’s Home”
© Alan Watt Oct. 15, 2008


Contributions to Keep Me (Alan) Going – Praise and Condemnation – Truth – Delusion, Entertainment. Media Management, Propaganda, U.K., Subversion – New Age Movement – Discernment – “Chicago” movie – Published Mandates, UN, New Economic Order. Chasing Rainbows – Downloaded Opinions – Passive Co-operation – Making Decisions Yourself – Battle for the Mind – Scrambled Brains – Unstable People. Britain, Youth Cadets, Citizen Service, Schools – Dr. Spock, “Nation of Young Psychopaths” – Expert Advice. “Troops to Teachers” Program – Military Recruitment – Violence, Hollywood, RIIA Meeting, Culture of Future. Australia Airport Body Scanners – X-Rays, Accumulative Radiation, Cancer – Sadomasochism. U.S. Spy Satellite Surveillance Program, Homeland Security – Knowledge is Power. Alternate Reality, “Hobbies”. Gambling Casino called “Stock Market”, Taxpayer Bailout. Willing Fools, Mystery and Fascination.
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