Q – Do you have any advice for me in approaching my Christian friends and relatives, some who have a basic understanding of the NWO, but still think God is ultimately in control and Jesus will return to save us all from this mess and they will be raptured before it gets too bad?

A – The response of your Christian friends and relatives is the standard result of a lifetime of mind control. Huxley himself, in Brave New World Revisited, admits that the person under mind control is totally oblivious of the fact. The ancient to modern techniques for domination of a few over the many are based on the one main formula.

Number one, you draw up a plan that may take centuries in the unfolding. Number two you give a religion with the plan laid down as prophecy and eventually after the first generation it is a religion that no one questions as being the word of God. When they see these things coming to pass they naturally refer to their guiding book and say it is God’s will.

The purpose of psychological warfare is to conquer a people so that they never resist your domination. New Agers have been programmed the same way into believing that nothing is real anyway, everything’s an illusion so don’t be concerned with the aerial spraying, etc. Christians believe that to alter the evil which is coming would be to fight God himself, since it’s God’s plan. This is the typical impasse which psychological warfare programming takes succumbed individuals, thus rendering their survival instincts non-functional.

Pavlov fed dogs everyday, trained them to sit in special places before he fed them and lavished praise when they did. One day he would use cattle prods on them and made them sit elsewhere, then lavished praise again. After repeating this technique a few times, the dogs when they saw him coming would simply stand with eyes down and quake and shiver because pleasing the deity seemed impossible.

In all experience I have gained, I’ve found it is impossible to wake up someone who hasn’t taken the first step of questioning by themselves. Only then can you very gradually feed little pieces of information, too much at once will make them close down. I generally advise aware-ones who live amongst “the dead” to try and live inside their head and to try and find other awake ones elsewhere.

We are up against an ancient and well studied system of mass human behavior control and for every (and rare) sincere promulgator of truth the controllers have a hundred well-backed superstars to mislead the people. Most people even though they are uneasy in this system really want time to stop with the system intact in its present condition. Since this entire system was corrupt from the beginning it cannot be saved.

The hope always lies in the few with wisdom who can come through the period of chaos and who ensure that generations will be taught what has happened. It is also essential that the seeking individual spends as much time in knowing thy self as trying to find others of like mind, otherwise you have the blind leading the blind. The oldest trick in the book is to convince people in pre-ordination and in the esoteric tradition the people thus give power to “the beast.” They would rather choose the devil they know, terrifying though it may be, rather than risk the real non-Huxley version of a Brave New World.

Q – I have some friends who are somewhat knowledgeable about the Illuminati and have told me to be very wary of digging up information about them. Are you not somewhat fearful of these powerful organizations?

A – When they already run our lives down to the minutist detail and have already stated they want a mass culling of the population, should we be afraid now or later? Their light is always feeble, hence the need for secrecy and coniving. The only thing that has kept them from succeeding in the past is the occasional brave soul whose light burns, however briefly, far greater than theirs. This lingers behind the eye like the aftermath of a flare in the darkness, until another repeats it. Better to have lived for something, than to exist and die for nothing. Perhaps it is true that only a fulfilled person can accept death gracefully. Fool-filled people will do anything to try and be immortal in the physical world. This information is acquired by a lifetime of observation.

Q – What do you think about the movement and people behind “A Course In Miracles?”

A – Ever since the Weishaupt movement, various techniques have been attempted to guide the world along toward the goals laid down. Both Hinduism and Christianity have been used and blended to convince the followers that we are all one. Freemasonry spearheaded this movement and put out champions of “positive thinking” techniques. Included in this movement is the goal of self transformation loosely described as “becoming.” The Course also encourages the usual “channelling” from higher beings such as the founder who is supposed to have channelled Jesus.

Whenever you give your mind over to one of these societies and they work on you, then your free will and right of independent thought has been given away to very old mind control techniques. No such group has ever presented itself to potential followers as a mind control system. Instead, they talk about love, get what you want in life, oneness, and encourage followers into basic forms of Hinduism. Theosophy is just another branch of the same movement.

Q – What do you think about the three monks that set themselves on fire back in the Vietnam era?

A – The monks who set fire to themselves had more impact than physical force because those images burn into memory. The real statement there was those who control the world understand humanity completely, and since they are the masters of war, always encourage traditional physical opposition to themselves. They cannot be conquered by traditional physical nor democratic means. Only the unexpected can upset meticulous planning. Only those who know (as opposed to believe) have no fear of casting off the physical body.

Q – You never spoke of God or Any divine intervention I can’t seem to find your view on your site other than organized religion?

A – To put one’s self in one of the many pigeon-holes of religion means the only view of the world you have is toward the entrance. Religions are meant to contain rather than free. The most perfect trap must look beautiful and it must appear as one would expect it to, otherwise no one would take the bait. Those who know what is happening are now trying to get a voice, squeezing between the establishment’s fakes who have bound and captivated vast audiences with intrigue and fantasy. I have no doubt there is a creator somewhere, yet the only tie we have is through what we do while here and to understand there is no point in placing human values upon something so beyond our ken. Our conscience is our guide and if you can find a single person on the same wavelength then you are doing well in these times.

Q – A glass of water can be described as 1/2 empty or 1/2 full. A person can view the same facts as everyone else, but because of personal bias, he sees it with his own slant. I don’t belong to any organized religion but I do have a strong belief in God. I am a spiritual person. I like to think of myself as open-minded. But I pay more attention to other people with similar beliefs. Humans are made that way. [Statement]

A – In regards to the half empty or half full, if you’re half way in the pigeon-hole, it’s up to you to decide which half is sticking out.

Q – I have been a member of the ________ group, I gave it up after reading The Nephilim…. It basically scared the hell out of me and made me (God fearing) and having originally being brought up in Christianity, must have stirred up some deep ingrained conditioning?

A – Your journey is pretty typical with each group hoisting it’s flag and telling you to come over. Religion has always been used for control purposes and if Jesus was to come tomorrow and explain things in greater detail the existing establishment would use it as a weapon over the public as soon as he was dead. As for joining esoteric groups, they’re all forms of mind control under many names, yet all controlled by the same head. A novice from the lower classes will never be let into the higher mysteries. There is nothing wrong with the basic teachings within the new testament if applied to a seeker on an individual search. If the kingdom is within you, then it is up to you and no group to find it there. Superstars are put out for public consumption. They take basic truths which are being written about or spoken about by others which might be detrimental to the elite’s plans. This is then spun off into some weird direction and discredits the serious research done by the original authors. This technique is used by counter-intelligence all the time. No one else is living your life, therefore the truth you seek must be applicable to you.

Q – I’m busy reading your leaflets, got to tell you man, you seem to be repeating stuff that _________ writes (except you bash a lot of people). Masonry seems to be your field and you are good at it-granted. I think the reason you wont go near aliens is because you cannot go there, as you can’t explain them. You might start losing audience unless you start addressing these issues instead of just avoiding them, people will think you are just blowing air. Lots of people are aware of masons/black popes etc.

A – I knew all this stuff long before ___________ was heard of. I came to speak the truth, not what is popular. Jesus was crucified and jeered by the same mob because he didn’t go the popular way of a sword wielding messiah. Truth is always crucified because the public doesn’t want it. I could say way more about an alien agenda than the popular stuff being spewed out there, but it would not help stop the associations and combinations (of men) who are plotting without the help of any aliens to take us all down. The purpose of psychological warfare is to have you counting your toes or gazing at the night sky looking for aliens while you’re all dying of viruses and bacterium made by men in laboratories, paid by men in big office towers, who associate with big elite associations of men who have annual meetings. If I wanted to fascinate the people and be popular, I could spin you the most beautiful tales you’d ever heard and churn a book out every two weeks. It might not help you, but it would be giving you what you want.

Q – Alan, you are great at explaining the Problems in society. Can you give a talk about solutions? And arguing about reptilians is childish. Fighting with ________ about details is stupid, there is much more at stake here. The main point is there is a group (Reptilian, Masonic or Both) that is controlling this world. How do we win this battle … We can find out if your version or __________ version is true later. Tales from the Croc Pot is not about solutions … It’s about EGO. Drop the EGO and let’s focus on solutions. Anyone who presents problems without solutions is not credible.

A – We’ve got to eliminate the crocodiles because apparently they’re running all over the place. Part of the solution again is to expose the control and the control techniques which includes psychological warfare, which has many people spinning into outer space.

The solution is for each individual to decide. If the system is corrupt from top to bottom, how can you save it, and would you want to save it, or like most people do you want time to stop with everything you know intact and simply go no further?

I’ve been deluged with New Agers who’ve swallowed every piece of candy on the bookshelves and their solution is to stare down holes like Mt. Shasta for an answer, try and make peace with the reptiles, or accepting the “fact” that the commoners are a lower slave made DNA type of reptile, therefore there’s nothing you can do.

Meanwhile all the little unknown people who’ve been doing all the serious research have it spun into outer space and discredited by psychological warfare techniques. The oneness movement was put out there by the top of the establishment for the establishment’s sake.

People are divided by all religions including the New Age Religion, the Space Age Religion and the Lord Of The Rings Religion. The only ones who have their names on documents regarding the New World Order and its agenda were conceived and born the same way as everybody else. Until the public demand a say in their own destiny and demand the associations to which every public servant belongs be made available, then these agendas will steamroll on.

Why would anyone give power of law over one-self to someone or hundreds who’ve sworn allegiance to a secret agenda? Just like with the FTAA, NAFTA, GATT, SOA, the public know by the effects years after the deals have been signed into law. We are only now seeing the effects of the next stage. America is asleep. No one can argue they didn’t notice the unification of Europe and the subjugation of once national governments to that of minor provinces. Where were the people of America while all that was going on? And check the most popular books of that era. Yes, counter-intelligence works very well.

PS – You mentioned there is a group (reptilian, masonic or both) that is controlling this world. Who’s been mining your mind?

Q – Gold and silver has gone up greatly in the past year. What do you think the reason for this is?

A – They want everyone to buy while they’ve got a glut and they want a good profit from the buyers who can then sell it back to them when the price is less. That’s how it’s always worked.

Q – What is the difference between the creator god and the god of masons and other religions?

A – The high masons believe that they are gods and talk about it amongst themselves. While the creator god, they want the little people to believe in, is silent on the matter. Define a god. A god is a creator all powerful over all lesser beings with the power of life and death over others. Does one who creates continue or does he just start the process?


March 6, 2008 Alan Watt       Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)

“From Slime to Divine – Darwin’s Repackaged Religion and The New Age”

(Book: “America, the Sorcerer’s New Apprentice: The Rise of New Age Shamanism” by Dave Hunt and Thomas A. McMahon.)
(Song: “Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell.)
Cultural Changes, Perception – Philosophers, Egypt, Greece, Sumeria, Aristocracy – Selected Knowledge, Preordained Conclusions. Perennial Religion, Nature Worship, Hinduism, Reincarnation. “Universal Consciousness” – Neoplatonists, Alexandria, Plato, Hegelian Argument – Logic – Atomists – Mystery Religions. Life Extension, Genetic Enhancement – Illusion of Shared Power – Fear of Death – Psychopathic Types. Concept of “Equality” – Elites’ Planned Destiny – Hermaphrodite Symbol – Ancient Gnostic Gospels, Gospel of Thomas, New Testament, Heaven. “Hidden Masters” – New Age Movement, Gurus, Leaders – Hypnosis – Perpetual “Happiness”. Television, People Watching, Identification, Indoctrination – Political Ideas for Social Change, Adaptation. Rosicrucians, Masonic Groups, “Higher Consciousness” – “Supermind” – Repetition, Opinions – “Ascension to Godhood“. Devils and Angels, “Holy Marriage” – Labels of Deity – Satanism – Rationalization of Insanity. “Course in Miracles”, New Age, Funding. Use of the “Stars” – Public Mimic – Shirley MacLaine – Visualization – Blending of Science and Religion – Old Shamanism. Endless Cycle of Karma and Wheel of Reincarnation – Problem of Evil – Yoga – Original Buddhism – Eugenics – Dogma. Mythologies, “Battles” – Rebuilding of “Imperfect” World and Man – Obsession with Order. Channelling “Spirits” – Caution – Ancient Demonology, Legion (Many, but One) – “We’re All One”.
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